Finding Great Deals On Wine: 3 Tips

Posted on: 14 January 2022

If you love wine, then you know you can accumulate quite the bill by buying bottle after bottle at full price. However, you don't have to give up your wine habit in order to save cash. There are ways to find discount wine that is still delicious and enjoyable. Here are a few strategies to try.

Buy directly from warehouses.

Some warehouses that hold wine for vendors will sell directly to consumers. They can sell the wine cheaper because they don't have the overhead associated with carefully manicured storefronts and numerous customer service-level employees. Search for warehouse wine sales near you. They may allow customers to order wine online and then pick it up on-site, or they may ship it to you. Warehouses often require you to buy larger quantities of wine, such as several cases at a time, so be prepared for a big purchase if you decide on this approach.

Look for "end of case" sales.

If there are liquor stores in your area that sell a lot of wine, stop by them often, and look for "end of case sales." When a liquor store is about to stop selling a wine, but they have part of a case of that wine left, they sometimes sell it at a discount in order to get it out of there and make space for new products. Most stores put these sale bottles in a specific area; they may even park them in a cart at the back of the store floor.

Buy by the case.

The next time you're at a local liquor store, look for signs advertising discounts for customers who buy wine by the case. Many liquor stores offer this sort of discount, not only because you buying by the case ensures they sell a whole case, but also because buying a whole case keeps their employees from having to shelf all that wine, ring it up separately, and so forth. If you don't see any case discounts advertised, ask an employee or the store manager about them. There's a good chance they'll agree to a discount for a large purchase, even if they don't readily advertise this to customers.

If you need to cut back on your wine spending, the strategies above should allow you to do that. Whether you shop at a traditional liquor store or visit a warehouse vendor, there are discounts to be found.