The Most Versatile Liquors And Ingredients To Keep In Your Liquor Cabinet

Posted on: 18 August 2021

In a perfect world, you might have a liquor cabinet the size of a walk-in closet, filled with various high-end bottles that you've purchased from around the world. But sadly, this is not a perfect world, and most people have a smaller liquor cabinet and a smaller budget. Therefore, it is important to select versatile liquors and ingredients that you can use in multiple ways. Here are a few top contenders to keep stocked.


A liquor cabinet is barely a liquor cabinet without vodka. It's the most neutrally flavored spirit and one that most people like. With vodka, you can make all sorts of simple, two-ingredient drinks like a vodka cranberry, vodka orange juice, and vodka and tea. You don't have to go top shelf with this one either to enjoy it.


If you're only going to have one whiskey, make it bourbon. Bourbon tends to be a bit milder, so even less serious whiskey drinkers enjoy it. You can serve it on the rocks or make old-fashioned, bourbon sours, and other drinks.

White Rum

Spiced rum is a good addition if you can afford to have two, but definitely opt for white rum if you can only have one rum. It's great for fruity drinks like Bahama mamas, blue Hawaiians, and mojitos. Most people like rum, and some absolutely love it.


Some people like gin, and others don't. However, it is a classic ingredient in a gin martini, which many people love. And there are a lot of other fun drinks you can make with it. If you're going to splurge on one top-shelf liquor, make it the gin. There's a big difference between cheap gin and more expensive gin.

Orange Liqueur

Orange liqueur is a popular ingredient used to make margaritas, sidecars, and cosmos. Your drink mixing options will be severely limited without it, so definitely keep a bottle on hand. There are a few popular brands, and they're all about the same, so buy whatever is most affordable.


A bottle of dry vermouth is essential in any bar. Along with vodka, it is the other ingredient in the martini. Many other drink recipes call for a splash of it, so have it on hand.

Of course, you can add additional items to your liquor cabinet if desired. But these will get you off to a good, balanced, and versatile start without breaking the bank. For more information about which alcoholic beverages you should invest in, visit a local liquor store.