3 Ways To Enjoy 5-Year Aged Rum

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Rum is one of the four classic spirits, along with vodka, gin, and whiskey. Some people mistakenly believe that rum is simply sweet, but rum can have a surprising depth of flavor, especially when it's carefully crafted and aged. There's nothing like the rich taste of a 5-year aged rum. If you've never tried it before, then you're in for a real treat. Here are three tips to consider with a glass of 5-year aged rum:

1. Choose the type of rum you prefer.

All rum is not alike. Aside from the aging process, rum is also produced in dark and light varieties. Dark rum is stored in a way that encourages its color and flavor to deepen, while light rum is crafted to maintain its clarity. Light rum often tastes fruitier than its dark counterparts. You can find aged rum in either variety, although dark aged rum is more common. To ensure you thoroughly enjoy your rum drinks, make sure to choose the type of rum you like best.

2. Use the right glasses.

You can drink rum out of any container, but using the right glasses can enhance your enjoyment. When served neat or on the rocks, rum is typically served in lowball glasses. Lowball glasses allow the scent of the rum to reach your nose as you drink. Your sense of smell is heavily involved in the process of tasting, so a lowball glass can enhance your drinking experience. When shopping for lowball glasses for your 5-year aged rum, make sure to choose glasses whose appearance you enjoy. Drinking rum should be an experience that pleases all of your senses.

3. Add ice and water to your rum.

5-year aged rum is a premium treat, so adding water to your glass of rum may sound unthinkable. However, a small amount of water can actually help you enjoy the flavor of your rum. Rum contains a high quantity of alcohol by volume. The standard proof of alcohol is 80 ABV, but rum is sometimes sold at up to 151 ABV. Too much ethanol can obscure the more delicate flavor notes in your rum. By adding a few cubes of ice or drops of water to your rum, you can dilute the alcohol, allowing you to fully enjoy the rich flavors present.

5-year aged rum is the perfect evening treat for anyone of legal drinking age. Aged rum will allow you to make perfectly crafted cocktails. It can also be sipped alone for a sweet, complex flavor experience. Try these tips to enjoy your next glass of aged rum.