4 Types Of Craft Beer To Enjoy

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Beer is a refreshing alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grain and hops. The carbonation produced during the fermentation process makes beer particularly enjoyable. Beer comes in a variety of different styles, each with its own flavor. If you're not yet a beer enthusiast, you simply may not have found the right beer for you. Craft breweries make small batches of artisanal beer with complex aromas and tastes. Here are four types of beer you can enjoy:

1. Light Beer

Light beer is perfect for anyone who's on a diet. Light beer contains fewer calories than its traditional counterparts, sometimes containing as few as a hundred calories per serving. Light beer also offers a light, delicate flavor that can help you cool down on a hot day. This style of beer features a low alcohol content, making it perfect as an afternoon refreshment.

2. Sour Beer

If you love sour candies, a sour beer may be just the beer for you. Sour beer is produced using live cultures. The same lactobacillus bacteria used to create yogurt is also used in the production of sour beer. Sour beers are often brewed with fruit flavors to create a unique flavor experience. The result is a sweet-and-sour indulgence that makes an excellent dessert. 

3. Stout

Stout beers are dark and opaque. These beers are often less carbonated than other styles of beer. Stouts have a heavy mouthfeel, making them the perfect accompaniment for a winter night. People who enjoy coffee and chocolate will probably enjoy stouts since these foods share a robust flavor profile. Like light beers, stouts are usually low in alcohol content. Low alcohol by volume will allow you to indulge in stout beer without becoming overly drunk.

4. India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale is a style of beer brewed with an emphasis on hops. Hops is an ingredient in all beer, but IPAs are particularly hops-forward. IPAs can be described as bitter and intensely flavorful. IPAs are lighter than stouts, but they still offer a bold flavor. People who find Hefeweizens and other wheat-based beers too light will probably enjoy IPAs. Those looking for an even bolder flavor may like double IPAs, which offer a greater alcohol content and an even bigger hops flavor.

There's a type of beer designed to please almost every palate. These are just four styles of beer that you can find at your local craft brewery. Take advantage of the care and high-quality ingredients that craft breweries put into their beers.