Tips For Getting More Enjoyment Out Of Your Champagne Club Membership

Posted on: 14 September 2020

If you enjoy champagne, then joining a champagne club is a great idea. You will receive a bottle or several bottles of champagne in the mail each month, giving you the chance to expand your palate and enjoy new things. Simply drinking the champagne is enjoyable on its own, but here are a few ways you can make your champagne club membership even more fun.

Invite friends to join you.

While you may not initially love the idea of letting someone else drink half your champagne, drinks are always better with company. Find a friend who loves champagne as much as you do, and schedule a once-a-month date with that person during which you enjoy the new champagne together. You can chat about the different notes in the wine and compare it to the ones from weeks prior. Your friend may even be willing to contribute to the cost of the champagne club membership if you end up always enjoying the champagne together.

Pair each champagne with a special treat.

Each time you receive a new champagne in the mail, do a little research on it to learn about its predominant flavors and what it pairs well with. Then, buy a special treat to go with that particular champagne. One week you may pair a champagne with really high-end chocolate. The next week, you might pair one with specialty cheese. This introduces you to even more flavors and also helps you learn the nuances of champagne pairing.

Celebrate the region each champagne comes from.

Technically, all champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. But in reality, when you join a champagne club, you will typically get sparkling wines from a variety of regions. They're colloquially known as champagnes even though they come from around the world. A fun way to make your champagne club more entertaining is to celebrate the region each wine comes from. If you have one from the south of Italy, for instance, read a few books on the region and take notes on the foods that are common there. If you get one from California, look into the state's wine culture.

Joining a champagne club is plenty of fun, and you can make it even more fun with the strategies above. Find a friend to enjoy your champagne with, do a little food pairing, and get to know the regions that produce these sparkling wines. Look for a champagne club in your area.