3 Reasons To Add Alcohol Delivery To Your Restaurant's Take-Out Menu

Posted on: 4 June 2020

If you have been looking for ways to bring in more revenue with your brewery, you need to expand your focus beyond customers who come into your brewery to enjoy a sample flight of your beers or take in a pint or two of your delicious brews.

You need to find ways to get your product out in front of more customers and find ways to increase your sales. Alcohol delivery is a budding industry that has not really been tapped into. Your brewery or restaurant business can tap into this industry and be on the cutting edge of what's trending in the delivery industry.

Give Your Customers a More Authentic Experience

If your restaurant or brewery has a few signature drinks that you typically sell a lot of, or if you brew your own beer or make your own spirits, when customers order out, they are missing out on a crucial part of the experience of enjoying your food.

By adding alcohol and drink delivery, you can allow customers who order to-go or who order delivery to enjoy a more authentic dining experience where they can enjoy the original beers and drinks that are the hallmark of your establishment. 

Offer Your Customers a Complete Meal Solution

When you only deliver food and not drinks to your customers, you are not offering them a complete dining experience. By adding drink delivery to your delivery services, you will be able to offer your customers a full dining experience like they would get when them come into your restaurant or brewery. 

They will not have to swing by the store to pick up a beer or grab a bottle of wine. They will not have to mix a drink up to go with their meal. Instead, they will be able to enjoy a complete meal with appetizers, a main course, dessert, and adult beverages, delivered straight to their door.

Increase Your Profit Margins

For many restaurants and breweries, most of their profit comes not from the food they serve, but from the drinks they serve. By adding the delivery of alcoholic drinks to your delivery service options, you will be able to increase your profit margins on each order. You will make more money on each order when customers have the ability to add a beer, a glass of wine, or a nice martini to their order.

If you are looking for ways to increase the money that your restaurant and/or brewery brings in, adding alcohol delivery is a great way to do so. Plus, if you are one of the few or only restaurants that offer this delivery option, you may attract new customers who want to order their food and their adult beverages from the same place.

If you want to expand your profits and give your customers an authentic and complete meal experience when they order delivery, it is time to enter the liquor delivery industry. This is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business.