How to Create Craft Beer-Inspired Gifts

Posted on: 24 July 2017

To make a big impression, treat the beer lover in your life to a holiday or birthday gift inspired by his favorite beverage. If a friend or family member is passionate about craft ale, you can design a personalized present around it no matter what your gift-giving budget is. 

To save time and possibly even money, consider purchasing the gourmet beer online rather than at your local liquor store. You'll have a much larger selection of ales at your fingertips, and can find the best deals. It will also be easier to purchase ales online that your friend will enjoy, especially if you know the specific types and brands.

Once you've found the perfect beer, put a one-of-a-kind  gift basket or bag together to create a memorable present. In addition to birthdays and holidays, the beer-themed treats are also ideal gifts for anniversaries, housewarming parties, weddings and other special occasions. 

Here are some craft ale-inspired gift ideas to get you started:

1. Beer and Personalized Mug

When surprising your friend or loved one with his favorite beer, round out the gift with a personalized mug he can enjoy it out of. You can buy a mug that features his name, favorite sports team, dog breed or other interest, or have one customized online.

As a personalized touch, have the glass mug etched with a saying, quote or other message, such as "#1 Dad," that has a special meaning for the recipient. 

2. Beer and Snacks

Encourage the beer-lover in your life to kick back and relax with a basket filled with his preferred craft ale and complementing snacks. Start by placing a 6-pack of beer in a sturdy, reusable basket, and then surround it with goodies such as sourdough pretzels, a gourmet roasted nut mix, stuffed olives and cheese-flavored kettle corn. You can also include heartier munchies such as summer sausage, cheese spreads and crackers.

If the recipient has a sweet tooth, go with a chocolate-flavored ale, and complement it with sugary snacks such as homemade fudge, chocolate chip cookies and brownies as an unexpected twist. 

3. Beer Flight Set

As another fun idea, fill a gift basket or box with a varied selection of craft ales, and include a beer flight set. Choose a high-quality set featuring a wooden paddle with insets to hold at least four beer-tasting glasses.

Some paddles even feature a built-in chalkboard so that the taster can write in the names of the different types of beers that he is sampling.