Liquor List For Your Summer BBQ: A Guide For Non-Drinkers

Posted on: 12 May 2017

Just because you're not a big drinker, it doesn't mean that your guests won't want something stronger than soda and lemonade. However, it's difficult to tell what you should get if you are not personally someone who ever drinks. When you walk into a liquor store, it might be incredibly confusing to be faced by an endless array of colorful bottles with strange names (single malt scotch, Cabernet Sauvignon). Then there's the whole problem of knowing what exactly to get. So,this guide is going to give you a basic list of what liquor you will want to get. You can take this list and hand it over to your local liquor store and have them deliver it to you in advance of the party.

Vodka, Gin, and Rum

These are the essential hard alcohols you will need to get for mixers. Drinks such as screwdrivers (vodka and orange juice), Tom Collins (gin and Collins mixer), and rum and cokes, are all staples of a summer party. In addition to those simple drinks, there are also fun mixed drinks that you might want to make such as pina coladas and daiquiris.

Of the three liquors listed, rum is perhaps the one you might need to get the most of if you're looking to make those fancy blended drinks. You should also order mixers from the liquor store, or else hit the grocery store for the ingredients. For instance, you will need pineapple juice and coconut cream to make Pina Colada's, and ice, strawberries, sugar, and lime juice to make a strawberry daiquiri.

A final note. If you do want to make frozen margaritas, you are also going to want to get a small bottle of tequila and triple sec.

Wine: Red and White

Wine is another item to add to your list. Now, you don't have to go overboard and stock up on several different styles. It is a summer BBQ, after all, not a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Two types of wine are enough. You should get a white wine and a red wine. For white wine, a very popular style is Chardonnay. You can pick a nice California Chardonnay, which will go great with the BBQ food. When it comes to red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect. It's a heavy-bodied red wine and goes great with the meat dishes that you will be serving. You can get a really good California, New Zealand, or Chilean Cab Sav for an affordable price.


Beer is a staple of BBQs, so it is certainly a must-have. Depending on your state's liquor laws, you can have either pick it up in a grocery store, or have your liquor store deliver it. If you're completely unaware of beer, don't worry, here's a simple list of what to order. It's a warm-weather BBQ, so you should steer towards lighter beers such as ales. Heavy beers such as stouts are traditionally for cool weather. You can definitely get big-name domestic ales and largers, but you should also stock up on a selection of microbrew six-packs.